9:00 A.M

(Monday Class)

[Professor Mitch entered the classroom with other students of the class and started to teach. After two hours, the class ended]

Mark: Prof. Mitch’s class can be so tough. Camilla, let’s go get Ice cream. My head is full.

Camilla: (laughing) Yeah. Let’s go!

[5 minutes before the end of the class, a stately girl with 2 guards entered the lounge room… It was Kyla and her muscle men as they interviewed students for the whereabouts of Mark]

[After 15minutes, the guard reported Mark not found anywhere. Kyla started to fum. She went herself to investigate on Mark from student in the hall way in the dorm. She got an information on freshman Mark and his girlfriend, having lessons with the Prof. Mitch which was 4 blocks away]

[Kyla was ready to go get his Lion from the class herself, when she saw Mark and Camilla walking, holding hands towards the lounge. Kyla quickly interrupted the love conversation with a running start and threw herself into Mark’s arms]

Kyla: Darling, these few days have been like years for me without you.

[With a displeased face, Mark easily pushed her away]

Mark: I’m not your Darling. Stop it.

Kyla: Security leave us. Well… this is so cute. Now in front of another girl, you’ve all so prickly with me. And then at your place, you were so passionate.

Camilla: Mark! What is she talking about?

Mark: Camilla… That was a year ago.

[Kyla looking at Camilla from head-toe, Kyla got a little angry]

Kyla: You can be serious. So this is the life you want Mark? Let’s see how far you go with this ugly tits you fell for. I was born to be a lioness and I don’t give up so easily, I don’t quit. I’ll do anything to get my lion back.

Mark: Are you done?

Kyla: Oh no! One more thing. It’s my father’s I on Thursday you as my future groom, have been invited, together with your family.

Mark: Kyla, I hope you find someone that calms you down.

[Mark stares at Kyla eyes and pulled Camilla to himself… Kyla entered the car and off they went. While Mark hugged Camilla, presses her head to his chest; apologizing for yet another show from Kyla]

Camilla: She said awful things Mark.

Mark: She’s crazy. That fool is just obsessed with what she stands to gain in her father’s friendship with my Dad. She also thinks people like my father have a “Success Gene”. What a joke of a girl.

Camilla: And her father’s birthday!?

Mark: I don’t want to go. I don’t want to see her.

Camilla: Can you do that?

Mark: I will disgrace my family with such a daring trick. But if this is the price I have to pay, I’ll pay it.

Camilla: There is a saying that, “ if you have to choose between two options, choose the third option.

Mark: That’s new. And what is the third option in this case?

Camilla: I don’t know!
Mark: Um… Well I have an idea but you won’t like it.

Camilla: Which is?

Mark: We will go together.

Camilla: You say what now!?

Mark: It’s okay. You’re my girlfriend. It’s about time to let my family know too. I’ll gather Kyla and my family and introduce you as my girlfriend to them. I’m sure they will know that am not part of their arranged drama.

Camilla: I don’t like this idea.

Mark: I know. I won’t leave your side. I’ll be with you every step of the way. It’s going to be tougher than Mitch’s lessons but we’ll go through it together.


Thursday (Camilla room)

[Today is the day. The birthday of Kyla’s Father, Gustavo. Camilla was worried and walked to and fro in her room. Camilla received a message from Mark on her phone]

“We’re flying out in 4hours. Get ready at 2”

Camilla: Stop, he said “we are flying out”? He probably just made a mistake. Typo error.

[An hour passed and a half. Camilla was ready and waiting for Mark. Still worried. A knock at the door. It was Rowan]

Rowan: Where are you all dressed to?

Camilla: Mark and I are going out. Rowan… I know for a while, I haven’t been checking on you. I’ve got a lot going on but I promise, when I’m back, I’ll let know. Okay!

Rowan: I’ve not also been around myself but if you say so, I’ll be here when you come back.

[Another knock. This time it was Mark]

Mark: Good afternoon, Lady if my heart. The plane takes off in 2hours. We need to hurry.

Camilla: Plane? Which plane?

Mark: Ordinary plane. Kyla’s house is in NYC.

Camilla: The NYC asin New York City?


(New York)

[The Gustavo family house]

Camilla: it’s so beautiful and so many guards.

Mark: This is Kyla’s guest house.

Camilla: Not too big for one family?

Mark: I don’t want to brag but my house is bigger than this. There are definitely more floor.

Camilla: Why do you need such huge house?

Mark: Don’t complain. One day you will become the mistress of our house.

Camilla: What if I don’t agree?

[A man with 4 guard stepped out of the manner]

Camilla: Wow… so many guards. Is that Kyla’s Father?

Mark: No. This is worse.

(The man and Mark’s eyes crossed)

Mark’s Father: Mark.

Mark: Dad

Mark’s Father: I’m glad you have come, son. At last you have begun to understand the important of your marriage.

[Mark’s sad face charged to a smile]

Mark: The important of marriage, you say? Sorry, father. But I came here to finish it.

Mark’s Father: Finish? I’m wondering how are you going to do this.

Mark: Well… father, sit back and enjoy the Mark’s show tonight.

Mark’s Father: Hmm… Can I take this as a declaration of war?

Mark: Declaration of war? Oh no father, not at all. It’s a warning for now.

Mark’s Father: Hahahaha. What kind?

Mark: Let me introduce Camilla. Most likely, she is my future wife.

Camilla: Emm… Hello

Mark’s Father: I know who this is. I know everyone you have ever contacted. Son… Drop the act and let’s go inside.

Mark: We’re going in together, Camilla and I. You can tell Kyla’s father yourself about the cancellation of the marriage. Who knows, you can still keep a good relationship with him or I’ll tell him about my girlfriend myself. Trust me, I’ll do it my way.

Mark’s Father: Hmm… I hope you don’t regret your decision. But I must say, I’m a little proud of you. You’ve never stood up for anything talk less of someone. She must be something special.

Mark: I don’t need your praise. I just need you not to include me in your plans.

Mark’s Father: Hey, girl. I have a question for you.

Camilla: Yes?

Mark’s Father: What do you want?

Camilla: What do you mean?

Mark’s Father: Money? Glory? Your own Island? Just name your price and I will grant your wish. You will receive everything. And you will get out of his life.

(Camilla gently rejected)

Camilla: I’m with your Son, not for the money or the fame and the luxury. I’m with him because I choose to love him and I enjoy every time spent with him.

Mark’s Father: My offer still stands young Lady.

Camilla: Thank you Sir. But I’ll pass.

Mark’s Father: Well played Son. Almost like it was rehearsed but the game is not over yet.

Mark: You see Father, you don’t rattle her. You won’t success.

[Holding Camilla closer to his chest. Mark was impressed. Mr. Diego left them outside and went back to the event. Shortly a guard approached Mark.]

Guard: Diego Family, Yes!

Mark: Correct.

Guard: I have been ordered to usher you into the hall.

[…And in they went]

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