[Camilla’s room]

[Camilla was laying on her bed, resting after a long travel. She was that exhausted. After a long while, she received a text from Mark on her phone]

“Hey Darling, I have a business to take care of and as soon as am done, I’ll b back at the dorm by 7:00pm. I’ll be waiting for you in my room.”

Camilla: Thank God. I’m even beginning to miss him around. But he didn’t say where he’s going. Oh well, I’m tired and need sometime for myself now.

[Knock on the door. Camilla murmured at who it could possibly be]

Camilla: It’s open.

Wayne: The case of the maniac didn’t teach you a thing.

Camilla: Wayne!? What brings you here?

Wayne: I can’t find Mariam.

Camilla: What! And you come to me for her?

Wayne: The fool is not in her room and her phone isn’t going through. For what it’s worth, I’m worried. Neighbors said they didn’t see her.

Camilla: I thought she was your girlfriend, she doesn’t spend time with a lot of people. You should have a clue.

Wayne: Well… she was at my place last night but we got into a fight with words. I was pissed, so I kicked her out.

Camilla: Have you been in her room?

Wayne: it’s locked. I knocked but no response.

Camilla: Can she be with Rowan?

Wayne: Before coming to see you, I went to see her, she’s not in her room either.

Camilla: For all I know, they could be hanging out somewhere. I’ll call Rowan.

[5 minutes and no response on to Camilla’s call]

Camilla: Hmm… She didn’t pickup.

Wayne: Pointless. If we don’t know where she is, then no one knows.

Camilla: Now am worried. What if something bad had happened to her?

Wayne: She’s not you. She will not fall prey to a maniac because she not stupid.

[Ryan began to think on a way to search for Mariam]

Wayne: You’re the last person I would like to ask for help but here I am.

Camilla: Why do you say that.

Wayne: You are the girl of the “Golden Boy” I don’t want to involve someone else’s girlfriend in this.

Camilla: I’m sure he will understand. So can we get to it?


[Camilla and Wayne left the dorm]

Wayne: Listen carefully: I’ll tell you the plan of action. If you want, you will agree. If not, you will refuse. Shall I tell the plan?

Camilla: Yes

Wayne: We need to get into her room but I can’t.

Camilla: Stop, why should we break into her room?

Wayne: First, she might be lying there unconscious and because of this she can not open the door.

Camilla: Oh my God. What if she’s not there?

Wayne: We need to start from somewhere. When you get in, search the room for clues like in the movies.

Camilla: So, I kind of her it but my question is: can’t we take a spare key to her room from the administration?

Wayne: We can. But we won’t .

Camilla: Why?

Wayne: As soon as well tell them everything, they will call the police and for now we don’t want that. We can’t let it happen. Let’s keep it low and quiet.

Camilla: Is that the right thing to do?

Wayne: Quit whining with the questions. Do you want to help or not.

Camilla: Okay. How do we get to her room without raising an alarm?

Wayne: Do you see that window on the 2nd floor?

Camilla: That’s Mariam room.

Wayne: I want you to get in there.

Camilla: You say what?!

Wayne: I would have got there myself, but this the female part of the dorm. The window is very small and narrow. I won’t fit. But a little one with a height of 150 centimeters will definitely able to.

Camilla: I’m not little? And my height is not 150.

Wayne: Not 150? How much then? 155?
Camilla: I’m 159 centimeters!

Wayne: Oh God, how tall you are, GIANT.

Camilla: Don’t mock me.

Wayne: Sorry, tall lady. But seriously in this situation, your height is a big plus.

Camilla: I won’t be able to climb the 2nd floor. This is high, I won’t reach.

Wayne: You can get in, if I lift you up. But I got to ask, won’t that be a problem? Me lifting you up and our body touching knowing you’re another guy’s girlfriend. Even if this guy is the same “Girl with a dick”.

Camilla: I’m sure he won’t mine. Mark will understand and will not be jealous. Human life is at stake.

Wayne: Okay. Get on my back.

[Wayne crouched down to let Camilla climb on top of him. Camilla threw her legs over this shoulders. Wayne got up with Camilla on his shoulder and walked to the wall. Camilla almost reached Mariam window, when suddenly, Camilla heard a familiar voice]

Kyla: Interesting picture.

Camilla: Hey Kyla. What are you doing here?

Kyla: I’m amazed at your impudence. Then you come to my house to prove your “Love” with Mark. But if Mark leaves for a couple of days, you ride the other guys neck. That’s all your love and devotion. I can’t wait for Mark to know about this.

Camilla: It’s not what you think. Our friend is missing and we need to find her. To do this, we need to get into her room.

Kyla: Enough! Your pathetic excuse won’t change the picture. You are not worthy of my lion. There’s no place for such a vernal and cheap slut next to Mark.

Camilla: Kyla, I…

Kyla: Don’t try. I’ll make sure Mark knows this. I hope he realizes how deceitful you really are.

[Kyla went away. Camilla came down from Wayne’s shoulder]

Camilla: Damn… She will exaggerate what she saw.

Wayne: I warned you. But if Mark truly is understanding and loves you like you said he does, then you don’t have to worry.

Mariam: Hey Cams and Fool of a boy I call boyfriend.

Wayne: Um…

Camilla: Mariam… where have you been? You got us worried, very worried that we were planning to break through your window.

[Mariam explained that she was pissed after the fight with Wayne in his room but later realized she was at the wrong end and wanted to makeup for the words she said in the course of the fight]

Mariam: Hey Boo. I know I can be crazy but I went to far with it last night. So… I bought you something to properly apologize. Here you go

[She handed Wayne a gift bag. It was a new pair of sneakers]

Wayne: Go to my room and wait for me.

Mariam: Do you like ‘em?

Wayne: I’ll be with you soon. Okay!

Camilla: I guess this is my queue.

Wayne: Are you going to be okay?

Camilla: I will. You shouldn’t keep a lady waiting. Go be with you girl.

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