18:30 (Sunday)

[Camilla’s room]

Camilla: Mark should arrive soon. I’m very worried. Yesterday’s situation with Kyla will not bring something good. She still can’t calm down with Mark’s chase. Okay, this won’t change anything anyway. Mark and I love each other. I’ll clean my room now and go to him.

[Knock on the door]

Rowan: Hey. Long time no see. It’s been like forever. The last time I set eyes on you was, when you had go to NYC.

Camilla: Yeah true. I was almost leaving for Mark’s . You look excited more than the usual Rowan.

Rowan: Yes I am. Good you noticed. I have been away with Prof. Mitch. He drove me to an Art Competition. It took us 2days and we kinda slept in the same room but nothing happened.

Camilla: Oh really?!

Rowan: That’s not the point though, my excitement is that I won the competition a d was awarded $5000.

Camilla: You’re nothing short of amazing at what you do. Congrats! I’m happy for you. I would love to stay and chat but I’ve got to go. See you later, yeah!


(Mark’s Apartment)

Camilla: Mark! I missed you.

[Camilla ran to hug Mark but she was pushed away]

Camilla: Hey babe… What is…? Why are you so cold?

Mark: Camilla! What have you been doing while I was away?

Camilla: I don’t understand.

Mark: Please answer the question

Camilla: Actually, I studied as usual but yesterday Kyla came to me and…

Mark: That’s enough. I hate to believe Kyla was right but you just confirmed it.

Camilla: What? What are you talking about? You didn’t even let me finish.

Mark: Camilla, don’t pretend. As soon as I left for a couple of days , you immediately got on Wayne’s neck. I would like to remind you that, we’re “Dating”. And if in your understanding, this means getting on the neck of the another guy, then sorry. I don’t want this kind of relationship. Please use the door.
Camilla: Mark but I…

Mark: there’s no point. You should have thought of your actions. Please leave. Go away.

Camilla: Please hear me out.

Mark: Okay.

[Camilla explained all that built up to that moment when Kyla saw her on Wayne’s shoulder. Mark once again didn’t let her finish, cutting her short with…]

Mark: Crap. Pathetic. You know what? I hoped you were different but they were right Mr. Vox, My Dad and Mr. Gustavo. You’re the same hypocrite like the rest before you. You can leave now and don’t come back.
Camilla: idiot!

[Camilla left the room in tears]


[Same day]

Camilla: He believed the stories of that bitch over mine. I hate her.

[In tears, Camilla lay down on the bed and continued to cry]

(10 minutes passed and Camilla continued to cry until the door opened)

Rowan: Camilla, I don’t know what happened but this is no reason for you to cry out so loudly.

[Rowan hugged Camilla]

Camilla: Rowan… I

[After another 15 minutes, Camilla told Rowan everything]

Rowan: God… this Kyla is a really scum…

Camilla: What should I do now? To Mark, it didn’t look like it wasn’t just a fight for sometime. It was something very serious for him like a sore spot.

Rowan: Well, maybe he’ll change his mind in a couple of days.

Camilla: I don’t think so. He asked me to leave and never come back and now, his stupid father promised that, if Mark and I would ever breakup during the course of dating, they will immediately arrange a wedding with Kyla.

Rowan: And Mark agreed to it! We’re humans, we can’t be so careful all the time. When Professor Mitch and I had a fight… I’m sorry I’m digressing. But if Mark wants, he may not let his father know.

Camilla: Kyla is all over our business remember…

Rowan: That psycho bitch

[Camilla burst into tears even more]

Rowan: Don’t cry

Camilla: Let me be alone please

Rowan: Camilla, whatever happens, remember I love you always! And no guys will break our friendship.

Camilla: Thank you, I’m pleased to know you care this much.
Rowan: Okay. I’m gone

[Rowan left the room; Camilla lay down in tears under the blanket, curled up into a ball and continued to cry]

[Present Day after 3 year]

(Office of “Wolfbane Develop”)

Camilla: Well, something like that. My story wasn’t the best. After all, Mark got married to the bitch. It’s been a long time so I’m not sad. Why am I kidding. I think about him before going to bed most nights. Due to a singular act that was misinterpreted.

Stupid Kyla. Although it was kinda my fault. Mark is not very trusting. It was hard for him to trust me and I gave him a reason to doubt . He spoke so often about “Trust and betrayal”.

Only if I could turn back the hands of time, I could go back that day and refuse to get on Wayne’s shoulder. It could have been a different story altogether. Okay let’s not talk about sad things because right now, I’m happy, my life has turned out well.

In the 3rd year of my study, the University noticed that I was struggling and pull me out and immediately offered me a job, as I said, now I work at “Wolfbane Develop”.

My father is already quite old , so he retired. My salary is enough to keep him and myself a good life and about the guys, I tried to date others, but it is something wrong maybe I’m not ready for a new relationship.

After Mark and Kyla, as their Fathers had promised, they had the most expensive wedding in history. They were even shown on TV. Mark left the university immediately after. I haven’t seen him again. Okay I promised I wouldn’t think about sad things.

By the way, I’ll tell you a little about others! Rowan was also hired with me. Only that she works in the “Design” section and I work in “Management”. She is currently working in the next room and lest I forget, also engaged to Professor Mitch. Who else to tell about…, Exactly, Mariam and Wayne got married and have moved to Las Vegas. I even attended their wedding! It was so wonderful, I was a little jealous.

We chat through social network and have plans in the summer to fly to Hawaii together for a sort of reunion and catch up properly. In general, that’s all, this is how I live now. Building a career. I would like to get married, have kids but like I said, it doesn’t add up yet. Thank you for listening to my story! I hope your decision in life are better than mine. Bye!

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