21:50 (Same day)

[The Gustavo family’s banquet hall]

Camilla: Wow… it look like a wedding in here.

Mark: This is still considered a modest option. Today there are only 300 people.

Camilla: 100 was the number of guests in my parents wedding.

Mark: Okay, our table should be right there. Try not to be offended, respond insolently.

[Mark kissed Camilla on the temple. They went to the table. It was semi-empty. There was only and older man and a couple of girls at the table. They we’re not family]

Mark: Hello Mr. Vox

Vox: Mark! Son! I haven’t seen you in years.

Mark: Yes… the last time I saw you was on my father’s carpet.

Vox: Well, fate brought us together today. Who is this lovely lady next to you? A Hostess? Perhaps a Waitress?

Mark: Ahh, where are my manners. Camilla this is vox. He works for my father. My dad trust him. However, age spares no one, yes! Mr. Vox.

Vox: Heh…

Camilla: Nice to see you sir.

Mark: One day, you will address her as Mrs. Diego.

Vox: Um… if I’m not mistake, the next Mrs. Diego is Kyla Gustavo.

Mark: You’re wrong grandpa, very wrong

Vox: Mark, I understand this is a good girl but why deceive the poor girlby promising her a wedding? We all perfectly understand who will be your bride at the end of the day Son.

Mark: That’s so cute. The thing there, your little speech.

Vox: Really?

Mark: You fear my father. In your eyes he looks like a God, right!

Vox: Sonny! That’s not the point. Just…

Mark: First of all, I’m not you Son, but Mr.Diego Jnr. Second of all you old whimper, I want to ask you a question.

Vox: ???

Mark: What is it like ? Kissing my father’s heels?

Vox: Ah, you Whippersnapper! Don’t be arrogant!

[Mark laughing]

Mark: Do you remember that day? A year ago now? When you begged my father not to be fired. Do you remember how you lay in tears in your knees?

Vox: You little brat…

Mark: Do you know he kept you? Because, I asked him to.

Vox: What!

Mark: I thought you should know. I felt sorry for you.

[Mr. Vox furious]

Mark: Now, you’re being rude to my Lady. Either you apologize or I will ask my father to change his mind.

Vox: I’m sorry Lady Camilla.

[Camilla was silent]

Mark: Grandpa, your lucky no one heard us. I would not forgive you public rudeness. You’re forgiven though. Henceforth, don’t make such mistakes.

Vox: Thank you Diego Jnr. I doubt before but today I got it. You’re a worthy successor of your father.

[Mark was approached by on of the guard. His attention was needed with the Gustavo family office]

Mark: Is it urgent?

Guard: I was not informed.

Mark: Let’s go. Honey, I’ll be back soon.

[Mark and the guard left for Kyla father’s office]

Vox: You are in nasty game, miss. Camilla. A game that will only end not in your favor.

Camilla: Hmm… if this is a game, then Mark and I will be the winners.

Vox: Lion and lioness. You maybe right, but I have a strong feeling it won’t. Oh well… here comes our food for the occasion.

Camilla: Ehh… bon appetit Vox.

[40 minutes later, Mark is not back]

Mark: Babe! We’re leaving.

Camilla: Already?

Mark: We did what we came for. Vox, it was nice talking to you. Goodbye.

Vox: See you young lion.

(10 minutes later)

Camilla: How did it go? What happened in there? It’s that it?

Mark: When I entered the office, everyone was seated Including Kyla.

Camilla: So…

Mark: Camilla, before I continue, I want to ask you something.
Camilla: Yes?

Mark: Can I trust you?

Camilla: What? What are you talking about?

Mark: Now you already know what is happening in my life. You chose to be with me. And if, for example I lose all my inheritance, will you stay with me till I find my feet? I risk everything for the future with you. Are you ready to risk everything for a future with me too? And so I ask you again, can I trust you?

Camilla: First of all, there are too many questions here to answer but I believe the most important is if you can trust me. Babe! When I accepted to be with you, I know it’s going to be a bumpy ride. So Yes you can trust me. So tell me what happened in there.

Mark: The Gustavo family guard took me to Kyla’s father. There it all happened. My father told him about us before I got there. But Kyla’s father laughed about it. He didn’t think it was something serious and calls it temporary glitch.

Camilla: What happened next?

Mark: The arranged wedding have been planned since a year or two but we agreed in his office there and then that, if we continue dating for a year, then the wedding plan with Kyla will be cancelled and my father would approve a wedding with you. However, if we break up, then I’m back to the default plan of my father and Gustavo.

Camilla: Everything ended better than expected.

Mark: Well, it seems like that. But…

Camilla: But what again? Talk to me

Mark: I’m not thinking about my father but us. Camilla, I believe you. I believe that your with me and not for the money. But please don’t let me doubt it.

Camilla: Did they fill you with this nonsense? They make you doubt me! Don’t be fooled okay.

Mark: Okay I won’t.

[Mark gently hugged Camilla for a few and called a taxi and to the airport]

[Unfortunately, Kyla heard been listening to their conversation and after they left, Kyla called a guard to device a way to sneak her into the university often to see Mark and also keep an eye on Camilla].

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