After a long walk from my friends place, with the idea to save money for later, I stopped by a fancy restaurant made of glass.

it was so hot outside that, I was sweating at the back of my ears.

I took a stop and said to myself, “Why not!

I pulled the glass door and I was welcomed by the cool breeze from the industrial air conditioner. Omo! life is good.

So I sat down close to the AC, for my body temperature to cool down from the heat outside.

“…In order to stay longer at the restaurant and enjoy the cool AC, I ordered a bottle of water and left it on the table untouched.

…One of the Waitress walked up to me after a long State from afar along side her co-workers, murmuring.

Waitress: Sir, are you waiting for someone?

Me: No. Am all by myself. Thank You.

Waitress: Sorry ooo! But my Oga said “You have to buy something. We have….

Me: Is my table empty? Did I not order for bottled water? This is how you harass customers.

Mtchewwwww! Poor customer service.

(…But in order not to fall my hand, I had to order a meal without looking at the menu.)

Me :  Since you want me to buy, Oya! Lemme have Beans and Garri.

Waitress: ????

Me: If you like do face anyhow, “Na weti hungry me be that. If una no get am, tell me make I better Dy go jejely ????.


Waitress: โ˜บ๏ธ Here you go, Sir

Me: ????

To my greatest surprise, I was served exactly what I ordered.

Waitress: ???? Do you want Sugar, Honey, or Salt?

Me: ????Gimme Sugar jare.

“…To be honest, the beans and garri was nothing like I have had before. it was so good.

Waitress: โ˜บ๏ธ Did you enjoy it Sir?

Me: ????  You Dy ask me!? Abeg how much bey bill jor?

(A sarcastic smile from waitress ????)

…In my mind, my own done finish ????

Waitress: Lemme give you a break down Sir โ˜บ๏ธ

Me: I talk am ????


Beans- N2000

Garri- N1500

Sugar- N500

Extra Bottle water – N1000

Me: ???? I think say Sugar na free ???

Waitress: Oh! No sir. It’s Honey and Salt that is free ????

Me: You for tell me naaah!

Waitress: All together, your money is…

Me: Wait oh! I never open the other bottle of water. Abeg carry am back and minus am from the total.

Waitress: Okay sir. Your total bill is N4000.

Me: Ahhh! For common beans and garri.  Una things to expensive. how much for 2cups of garri?

Me: (murmuring) Na only me us Waka enter wahala. Sister! Una Dy use POS?

“…Quick as a flash, she brought out a POS machine from God knows where.

I try to reach for my card at the back of my jean pocket, I heard a strange knock at the door.

Me: ???? Hmmm! Which kind knock be that?

A familiar voice: Omo! You never ready to go school? The exam na 8 O’clock ooo.

A huge smile like that of a rising sun ???? on my face as I turned to the waitress and said ” Aunty! Is like you go come collect your money for real life ooo!

It was a dream all along… LoL????????????

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