Chima Igbokwe has been named the Director of the new Street Theatre Project supported and powered by Abuja Original Inhabitants Youth Empowerment Organization (AOIYEO), under the Executive Directorship of Commandant Isaac David, while the applause for the premiere of his new movie, “Journey to Martyrdom,” and the recent AMVCA nomination of his other feature, “On Your Own,” is still going strong.

On May 5, AOIYEO enlisted the Abuja-based media and entertainment company C1stStudio to create the Street Theatre initiative, which it will utilize to inform, educate, and advance the interests of Abuja’s original inhabitants.

JM Adayilo, the regional head of C1stStudio, will produce this Street Theatre Project, whose title has not yet been revealed. Chima Igbokwe (DGN), a talented film director and theatre arts graduate, will direct it as well.

Chima committed to giving the residents of the FCT an amazing theatre experience during a conversation with our team.

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