This is a Hollywood psychological thriller film on Netflix. The story was about a man coming back from Thanksgiving with his family his wife and their daughter from his in-law’s place. On their way home, the daughter had an accident at a construction site where they stop over to use the restroom in a gas station; the man had to rush his daughter who was unconscious to a nearby hospital with his wife. After the whole admission process in the hospital, his daughter was taken for a CT scan with his wife, he stayed in the waiting room waiting for them, he later took a nap when he woke up he decided to check up on his family and he was told they were never admitted there like they never came to the hospital with him.

This movie was so confusing I watched it from start to end and I was confused about what exactly was happening. I liked the suspense in the movie, though I am tempted to give spoilers the suspense is actually the movie guys. But let me put you guys in the right direction. Imagine everything you ever believe to be true was a lie like he made a picture of something that wasn’t true, it was like overcoming trauma by creating a non-existing scenario for himself. As far as he knows he took his wife and child to the hospital but it’s surprising for him to wake up and hear that they were never here in the first place like he was the only one who was there, that he never came with anybody.

I actually will rate this movie a 5/10, it was nice, but the whole storyline was a bit shaky, it was confusing to the end and I thought the actors would have portrayed their characters with more passion and zeal. Check it out and tell me what you think.


Sam Worthington

Lily Rabe

Lucy Capri

Adjoa Andoh

Lauren Cochrane

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