Nothing weakens a man’s resolution to succeed like a track record of failures and disappointments; a man may make up his mind to be great in life, to succeed and leave his name in the sands of time; first he would have to go within, draw out a well thought out plan to follow, because he who fails to plan has planned to fail; after drawing out this plan, such a man would boldly enacts those plans, launching them out to the world with great determination, but the moment he fails woefully, makes another move and fails again, try to press forward again and failure after failure lines his way, the determination that was as high as a mountain will involuntarily fizzle out slowly but surely.
The moment a man begins to fail concurrently, the voice of failure begins to ring in his head, telling him that he is not meant for great things and that leaves him with two choices; if he listens to those voices, then his dream dies finally but if he on the other hand silence those voices boldly and remind them that every man holds his destiny in his hands, only then can he press forward to success.
Just as no one can make physical plans in a noisy environment, no man can make mental plan in a noisy head; what kills a man’s’ dream faster isn’t discouragement that come from without but the ones that comes from within and that’s why it is extremely important to kill those voices that reminds you of your disappointment and failures.
Research shows that a student who did well in the past term or semester usually starts a new one with confidence but the student who has done woefully in the past term usually begins the new one with inferiority complex. A student with a track record of failure has double work to do, first he would have to convince himself that he can succeed if he puts his mind into it and he can only do that by silencing those voices within, reminding his of his past failures, if he succeeds in this, only then would he be able to concentrate on preparing for the new semester. When I resumed my Higher National Diploma in 2017, the first thing I had to do was silence the voices reminding me that I graduated from my OND with lower credit, I had to continue silencing those voices throughout the two years, before I could graduate with an upper credit; but as I did this, I increased the volume of the voice that always reminded me that I never had a carry-over and that helped me a lot. Therefore to succeed in life, you have to silence the voices of failure and increase the voices of success.
People may call a man a failure and he wouldn’t care about their opinions, but the moment he begins to call himself a failure, he begins to fail because as the bible says, ‘as a man thinks in his heart, so he is’. As you go out to pursue your dream, I encourage you to silence those voices that reminds you of your past failures and disappointments, instead tune up the volume of the voices that plays the track record of your previous success; the moment you do this continuously, you automatically become motivated for success. See you at the Top.

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