A boy named Almiron Kluvert, Born in the North country of Londonia, grew up in the streets of Green Moore, Trivia.

He did petty jobs to land himself daily meals each passing day… what a young man he was. But, he didn’t shy away from standing for the oppressed given his age and status, which usually gets him into trouble oftentimes. His show of compassion to those in need made him a unique lad.

At the age of 15, he possessed supernatural powers far greater than that of his Ancestors. Blessed by the Elder gods, he was preferred amongst all men in the land for such responsibility of a Guardian.

Almiron was only 3 years old when he tragically lost his mother to a strange illness and never knew his father. Fostered by a Goldsmith and a widowed farmer until he was 6. Both the Farmer nor Goldsmith didn’t live to see how their foster son grew up become sadly.

When he was 7, he saved a hamster from getting killed by a Cobra, and at age 14, he navigated an entire family to safety through a tunnel and out of the City, saving them from the king’s wrath of failing to pay their dues to the throne.

On his regular day, he headed out to an abandoned factory for manufacturing steel, up the hillside with an empty bag, crossed around his chest. Where he collects junk and recycles them for profit.

He boarded the old coal train as usual but this time, something feels off.

The Older travelers on the train were all standing while the younger lads and lasses including the children sat comfortably.

[Hmmm!] Why aren’t they seated? He asks himself. He also stood with the elderly.

The train stopped and everyone came down but 7 Older travelers stayed behind and still standing while loads of sits were empty. 6 men and a woman, all having blue eyes and stare at him.

[the sky was suddenly turning gray and lightening rumbling]

Doors shut, train light twinkles strangely, chairs vibrating as chains dangling and hitting on themselves, and at once, the train took off at a very high speed.

[Almiron screaming continuously] Whaaaaattttt the heck is happening!!!

[A sarcastic smile from one of the Elderly]

We’re here.

In quick seconds, the train took a stop. He hopped out at of the train panting and slowly catching his breath as he gives a stare at the train.

Almiron: That was epic… I better get going to see what I can find in that old factory dump.

[In shock he said]

What is this place!?

This is not… Where on earth am I?

[And there came a voice like thunder] “Step forward!!!”

[Almost breaking in tears]

Almron: Oh! no… I’m too young to die. Please take me back.

At once, he felt a push a hand so strong, that he found himself inside a cave.

Inside are stones like chairs but high up with symbols engraved at the lower end of each one.

7 Thrones, 7 Elders… and those symbols! What does this mean?! I must be losing my shit.

[Rays of beam shone at him and all he could hear were voices]

“Almiron! Son of Kluvert! Grand Son of Trezegat! Great Grand Son of Demichelis. You have been chosen to will the powers of the elder gods.

Almiron: I am only a teenager with no guardian whatsoever. I think you have the wrong guy.

[Voice from the East chair]: Silence young one! The elder gods have not picked a random man, for we have been watching over you since your mother passed on to the great beyond.

Men would kill to get here but only who the gods have chosen is gifted.

Almiron: Why me!?

 [Feminine voice]

…You are a selfless young man, who will do anything for his people and brave to stare into the eyes of a fire-consuming beast for the sake of the helpless.

Something is coming! You must show bravery and save humanity for the gods can not interfere in the matters of mortals. Hence the powers are given to you to protect all men.

Almiron: But how does it work?! I don’t even read comics!

[Fading voices as the light slowly dies]

You will soon discover Son of Kluvert…!!!

The End!

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2 replies on “THE GUARDIAN UNTOLD”

  • Chukwunye C Joshua
    March 8, 2023 at 8:18 pm

    Great story you have here.

    • Akpokedi Kenneth
      March 18, 2023 at 11:12 am

      Thank you.