[The end was Only just the beginning]

[Terry slowly opened his eyes from the wooden table he found himself, it was a blur at first but after a few blinks, his vision was clear. He was confused at being back in the house he ran away from.]

“…I remember trying to leave by the river with O’Neil. O’Neil is not here. I must have hit my head really hard but from the river and back to the mansion…!

[He felt a bit weak but not wasted from the champagne. He suddenly developed a high sense of hearing as he can not hear and feel everything around him like the drop of water from the tap to the surface of the kitchen sink, a distressed heartbeat, the buzzing of a fly, the sound of the wind on trees, and more.]

[As he tries to move his body from where he lay, he noticed a sharp pin-like pain at the side of his neck but there was no scar to show whatsoever or an injury of any sort on him but his clothes were covered in blood.]

[He tries to leave the building when he heard a familiar voice; it was Paris, standing with the vampires as she addressed them as a family to Terry, with a somewhat disappointed face.]

[Terry fell to the ground. He instantly became dizzy and tasty, not for water he wasn’t but for blood as he was transformed by the fangs of Mr. Davin into their kind (Vampire). This brought about the healing of his wounds  earlier sustained from the fight with the vampire guard before the escape of O’Neil.]

Paris: Father! He’s having a panic blood drive and he needs to feed.

[Terry’s blood drive kept increasing by the second as his fingernails began to grow instantly and ears pointing upwards. He pounced on one of the hostages, nails to her throat as he bites through and through drinking her blood from her neck until she was pale as death.

 …Soon after feeding his tasty, he regained himself and was terrified at the monster he has become.]

Mr. Davin: Welcome to the family son. With time you’ll blend in and know about your new path but main while; Everyone gets your things, and it’s time to move.

Paris: So much moving. Where do we go this time?

Trace: How about Pennsylvania?

Mrs. Patra: Mmm… Back to where it all began in 1643.

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