In a City not far away, a group of families moved into an Old Estate that was left vacant for a long time. Over time, more people started to occupy other vacant houses found on the estate.

A certain family of four, not known in the city or any neighborhood before now or had friends, moved into the main masters’ mansion in the estate.

And at that time, only the family with gold bars and financial power can afford such a mansion.

Unlike other tenants who started renovation straight away, they didn’t move a thing, curtains, the furniture or change the flower vest at the corner of the corridor. Mmmm…

Chapter 1

The bus station.

Terry: I hate it when we stay up this long just for a bus to go home. I fucking hate it bruv!

O’Neil: Chill bruh! We’re going home not like we’re running late for a party. 

Terry: [Whispering] I’ve got sweat rolling down my ass bruv…

[few minutes of waiting for the arrival of a bus, a young lady with some fine features. His sense of fashion was stunning and different from others, stood by the road, also waiting for the same bus.]

[O’Neil saw her first and called the attention of his friend Terry. Luckily, the bus came and the three of them sat at the same seat role at the back of the bus]

Terry: Hello! My name is Terry. A nice bracelet you’ve got there.

Lady: Thanks.

Terry: And you’re…?

Lady: Paris

Terry: Like the capital of France?

Paris: Do you have a problem?

Terry: Hell no. It’s a rare name around here. You’re not from around here, are you?

Paris: My family and I moved in a couple of years ago.

Terry: Oh! Okay. Can I have your number? Maybe we can grab coffee next time cause, it’s rare to see a girl like you at the bus station. And you know…

[O’Neil clears his throat with a slight cough]

Terry: Paris, this is my friend and a brother from another mother. His name is O’Neil

Paris: So you both are step-brothers you mean?

Terry: Nahhh. Lol. What I meant is we’re…

Paris: Close friends. I know what you mean.

[they laughed and shared stories with other until they went their separate ways]

Chapter 2

The Evacuation.


They’ve been the crisis at the old colonial district. As there are yet to know the cause of the fight and fire outbreak in the location.

Report coming to us that, 3 dead, 12 Injured and some numbers of children missing.

Residents have been advised to flee from their homes and move to the nearest military barracks for safety till a proper investigation is done.

Main While, the military body while taking charge of the search and rescue. Until then, stay tuned.

[crying and people shouting in pain at the military camp]

[Victim lament in tears panting] They started the fire. They’re up to no good since they moved into the estate. Now I can’t find my little girl.

[She drew the attention of reporters and explained to them that it was an act of distraction from the fire. I know it is hard to believe but they’ve been several strange disappearances of pets but this is the first time a whole human is missing. It’s true. In the process of trying to escape from our homes due to the fire, injuries were sustained.]

Military bodies arrived at the estate earlier and reported for search and rescue, they broke down doors but found burnt bodies and no one to rescue.

They noticed that a particular house was still occupied, but the family didn’t leave the estate despite the fire and commotion in the estate.

The military men moved the bodies of the dead in bags while the rest went to the mansion to check on the state of the family who didn’t move.

Military man: knock!! knock!  Is anyone in there?

[Door opens slowly halfway]

[the man behind the door] Yes! We’re safe thank you. Just a few smoke and it will be out in no time.

Military man: Are you sure sir?

[Man behind the door coughs while speaking ]: Family is okay. Isn’t that right girls?

[Girls]: Yes Father!

[Woman’s voice]: Food is ready and it will be cold before you know it.

[Military man]: I need the names of your family, it’s a request and afterward two military men will be provided to keep your home safe for the time to begin.

[Man behind the door]: My name is Davin Adams and my wife, Patra Adams, and my daughters Trace 20, and Paris 24.

[Door shut]

Davin: Get me the new wine from the blood-clocked wine bottle, extracted from our neighbors’ children, and a lighter to light up my cigar in celebration of feeding on fresh blood after so long. Play some music in Paris while we enjoy dinner.

Chapter 3

The guest.

[Many months after the crisis]

The family of the Adams sent out random invitations to random people via electronic mail, inviting them to the reopening of the estate after the incident.

Terry got invited and informed O’Neil about it, encouraging him to tag along for the opening of the estate now owned by the rich and famous family of the Adams. But after much talk, trying to convince O’Neil, he eventually agreed to tag along.

O’Neil looked simple as can be but Terry wore a baggy shirt and sagging pants with some new sneakers.

[Off they went]

[At the entrance of the estate, was like nothing they’d ever seen.]

Terry: Wow! ”Breathe taking”

 O’Neil: I just hope they let me in, ’cause you got the invitation not me.

[Gate opens and all went into the mansion]

Mr. Davin: Good evening everyone and welcome to the reopening of the Adams Estate. Take a tour and enjoy yourselves, the wine and food won’t eat themselves you know. Hahaha!!!

[Smiling crowd applauds after speech]

[In excitement Terry quickly grabbed a champagne bottle and some chops while O’Neil stared at his dramatic friend.

As O’Neil took a tour around the mansion, he accidentally  bumped into their old friend Paris]

O’Neil: Hi! Paris right?

Paris: Yeah! Who’s asking?

O’Neil: We met at the bus station a long time ago. Well actually my friend Terry introduced us right on the bus but if you don’t remember, it’s fine.

Paris: Oh no!  Why did you acknowledge the invitation, it was optional. Where is Terry?

O’Neil: Is everything OK!

Paris: We have to look for Terry you both have to leave now. I bet you don’t want to be here.

O’Neil: Seriously! You know what! I’ll leave but please let Terry stay. He was originally invited and I’m his tag along.

[Paris explains to O’Neil about the trust and history of her family which includes, how her family uses fake names every time they move from one city or country to another and how long they have existed on earth and they are not even related before letting him know they are Vampires. And that, the last fight outbreak was no accident, it was her father’s master plan for them to feed. And today, something similar will happen and some persons will be recorded missing as it was last time.]

[O’Neil reaction after listening to her]

 ????????????????????????โ˜ ๏ธ

[They both went in search of Terry to lure him out before the next activity of the evening, The Hypnosis song by Paris’s Mother (Mrs. Patra)].

Chapter .4

The Hunt

Ding! ding!!

[Spoon gently hitting a wine glass for attention]

Mr. Davin: Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you once again and I hope you’re having a lovely evening before the main feast. Haha!

I would like to call on my wife (Mrs. Patra) and my daughter (Trace) to grace the evening with my favorite song, I hope you like it. It’s called “The Hunt”

[Crowd Applauding]

O’Neil: I see him but he’s standing with your dad.

Paris: That’s not good.

[Mr. Davin walked out of the hall, leaving the rest of the crowd in the hypnotic of the song from his wife. While walking in the hallway, he bumped into Terry struggling to hold two bottles of champagne while trying to try to pull up his pant with no belt on.]

[Mr. Davin to Terry]  Walk with me son, your pant needs fixing.

[He took Terry to his room and gave him his vintage belt and told him stories of how valuable the belt is and told him to keep it, to fix his sagging pant. Much better now he said; as they head back to the hall.]

[Gradually the hypnosis faded away as the song came to an end. Mr. Davin took some steps towards a slightly high pavement, standing in front of them as he addressed the audience, telling them the same story Paris told O’Neil and ending his with the sentence, Now my family and I will hunt and feast on the whosoever we please. Starting now!]

[Guest screaming and shouting for help]

They were so terrified that they scrambled upon each other trying to escape from the mansion.

 A lot of people were held back as a hostage and the blood drained from them to fill their wine tank.]

[Paris was bound to the Adams family via mutation into a vampire from a regular girl and so was her sister (Trace) who was nowhere genetically related to her and the two guards at the estate gate. It was difficult to leave.]

[O’Neil and Terry managed to locate a back door, leading them a way out through to a river but were confronted with a panting blood-sucking vampire guard. It didn’t speak well and all they wanted was to leave the estate in one piece.]

[O’Neil managed to escape by jumping into the river after a lot of fighting with the beast but unfortunately, Terry was weak to make a jump because, in the course of fighting with the vamp man, he took a few claws in some delicate parts of his body and passes out. O’Neil got to the other side of the river in tears after losing his best friend].

 The End.

Or so they thought…!

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