[Palo Alto, Wellman’s University]

So, I think this is it. Now I just need to find the dormitory. I should ask someone right about now…

Hello! You just got here, huh? My name is Rowan. I study here too.

Camilla: Hi, Rowan! I’m Camilla and yes I just arrived. I can’t find the dorm…

Rowan: I saw that you needed help and I’m not the type that ignores a needy. But before you can enter the dorm, you must have be registered. To do so, enter the building behind me, the Admins office will be on the right. Once you’ve registered, go straight to the student lounge. There is an entrance to the dorm on the second floor of the lounge. Sorry. I hope I haven’t confused you…

Camilla: Well… I sure remember the Admins office, student lounge, entrance and the second floor. I think I can manage. Thanks!

Rowan: Good luck! If you get lost, come back here and I’ll take you there.


The student lounge of Wellman’s that’s it, registration was a success and my room is 112.
This lounge is so big! Everything is so cool here! Damn! Now I need to bring in my stuff in. Dad helped me bring my things here but it will be difficult to bring them inside alone…

[Deep breath]
I’m strong. I can handle it myself.

[The box contained things that she couldn’t for into her suitcase. Camilla could see nothing ahead of her because of the box. Inadvertently, she tripped over a step and began to fall. Unexpectedly, a strong male hand caught her from behind. A large palm wrapped almost all her thin waist. Camilla couldn’t hold the box . Her things were over the place]

Camilla: Thanks for catching me… I would have smashed my head…

Stranger: “Look where you’re going, you fool. It’s obvious you can’t carry them all. Ask for help next time would you… [stranger went further]

Camilla: Damn! What a jackanapes!? Sometimes his type helps and other time, they make moves on girls like me. Okay I need to get my things quickly and take them toy room.

[Camilla knelt down to pack her things back into the box. Someone very tall came up to her and knelt down too]

Tall Guy: Hello. Can I help?

Camilla: Yes! Please

[Together with the stranger, she quickly packed her things and wanting to head to her dorm]

Camilla: Thanks! It’s very kind of you. You’re probably in a hurry somewhere! I’m sorry about the timing…

Tall Guy: It’s nothing. If you need help, please do well to ask me. I’m always happy to help. I’ll accompany you to your room. Let me help you with that. I’ll be sad if you trip again.

Camilla: Thanks again. But I didn’t get you name. I’m Camilla by the way.

Tall Guy: Mitch. See you around freshman.

[Camilla showered after Mitch left. She managed to setup her room. It was the most purple space ever. She got so tired that she took a nap with her cleaning gloves on her hands]

[A knock at Camilla’s door]

Rowan: Hey, you’re Camilla, right! You and I are neighbors. I’m so glad!

Camilla: ooh! Rowan, hey thanks for helping me this morning. I was worried about the neighbors but I’m lucky…

Rowan: I was scared too! What if a musician will join… Nice room by the way. You ordered a very interesting design. Purple is a beautiful color. Wait till you see my room.

14:14 [Rowan’s room]

Camilla: Bright as the sun in here. Nice choice of color.

Rowan: Yeah thanks. I really love the yellow. There’s so much joy in it. You know what I mean!

Camilla: Would you mind me asking, your choice of major?

Rowan: I’m studying to be an artist-designer. We are taught to draw characters for games, logos etc. At school, my friends and I made a lot of games for smartphones and other companies, and that how I got here.

Camilla: Woah! That’s so cool you know!

Rowan: I know right! Thanks. What about you? Or still haven’t decided yet? Well… tomorrow, there’ll be an introductory lesson for all freshmen, where they will talk about all major. Sorry! I give a lot of information when am excited or nervous. But so you know, I’m excited.

Camilla: it’s okay. So…

Rowan: Are you dating someone? Do you have a boyfriend?

Camilla: I’ll see ya at the introductory class.

Rowan: I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry!

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2 replies on “TWIST AND TANGLE (CHAPTER 1)”

  • March 15, 2023 at 10:14 am

    Nice play….the suspense will bring me back to chapter 2????

    • TM14
      March 18, 2023 at 11:09 am

      I swear… Good story.