9:10am [Camilla’s room]

[“…Poor Camilla wished she had the chance, she would love to crash out for at least 15 hours.]

Camilla: I have never been so worked up in my life. Moving is hard. A little more sleep won’t hurt. Today at 11:00am, there’ll be a lesson that Rowan talked about…


[Camilla is late for the lesson. Surprisingly, there were only 8 people in the classroom. The Professor was not there yet. Camilla sat down in her favorite seat – the second row, the last desk. A minute later, the door opened and a tall guy entered the classroom]

Latecomer: Ahh, the professor isn’t here yet. Thank God. I thought I was late.

[The latecomer approached Camilla’s desk]

Latecomer: Hi. I’ll sit next to you, do you mind?

[Not waiting for her reply, he brazenly sat down at the same desk with her.]

Latecomer: My name is Mark, Are you a freshman?

Camilla: Why did you ask for permission if you sat down anyway?

Mark: I want to sit with a beautiful girl.

Camilla: I see 3 more place next to beautiful girls.

Mark: And I sat next to the most beautiful of them all.

Camilla: Hmm…

Mark: Sorry if I offended you. Let’s start over, I’m Mark and I am a freshman.

Camilla: I’m Camilla. Remember once and for all: this desk is mine.

Mark: Well then, the place next to you is mine, once and for all

[The door to the classroom has opened yet again. Rowan it was]

Rowan: Hi everyone. I’m so glad to made it. The professor will be here in a few.

[Rowan approached Camilla and Mark. Once again in excitement]

Mark: Hi Rowan. Thanks for telling me about the lesson. And did you know she helped me with locating the dormitory!
Camilla You’ve already met her!?

Mark: yeah! Why?

Camilla: Strange. She helped me too

Mark: Should we be worried? Are you a maniac?

Rowan: Oh no! am not. I’m only helping as was instructed plus it’s the right thing to do.

Camilla: You’re a girl maniac… haha!!

[…Mark laughed loudly throughout the classroom and afterwards thanked Rowan gratefully for her help. He sarcastically asked for Rowan’s contact so he can store her name with Romaniac as in Rowan Maniac. They laughed about it as it was funny to all and Rowan finds it funny. May I sit she asked while laughing. In no time at all, the door opened again. It was Mitch in front of the classroom]

Mitch: Sorry I’m late. I was late at a meeting with the headmaster.

Hello everyone! My name is Mitch White. I am a professor at the faculty of Computer Science.

All those gathered here are freshmen who haven’t decided on a major. This year, we have accepted 100 students to the university. The beat of the best go to this university.

You can be proud of yourself.
There are 2 ways to enter the university; the first is passing an exam. Secondly, it’s that the university will find you. Those who are here by the invitation already have a major.

For example, Rowan, please stand.
Rowan is an artist and designer for mobile games. She drew characters for mobile games, while she was still at school. The game took first place in the TOP of Mobile games due to its design. The success of the game goes to Rowan.

The Wellman’s University, finds talents like Rowan and train them to be professionals. 30 students got here by passing exam,

However,any are not here yet…
If you passed such a difficult exam like that, then I should say that your have great potentials. And trust when I say you can handle any major. Now the task of today is to sit in pairs and chat with your partner on “How hey got here”. In the main time, Rowan, come with me. I need your help.

[Rowan quickly said her goodbyes to both Camilla and Mark as she ran after the professor. Mark turned to Camilla and was trying to start a conversation but she showed not interest whatsoever. Mark offered to take her out for dinner to correct a first impression but she declined his offer. He promised to be nice and we’ll behaved and a gentleman before Camilla finally accepted his offer. Rowan came back to pick up her water bottle and joined the conversation]

Camilla: this is not the first time seeing the professor. My first thought was that he schools here to like everyone. Did you know he helped me with my luggage down toy room? He’s so young. How old is he!

Rowan: He’s 28. A professor at 28 is not uncommon. The youngest professor in history is 19yrs old. But, Mitch became a professor because of his success in the IT world. At the age of 19, he founded his own IT company and at the age of 26, he sold it for $2 billion.
Camilla: How do you know so much for a freshman?

Mark: Definitely a Maniac.

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