[ A week has passed since the freshmen’s lesson. There’s a whole week before the start of the study but Camilla is yet to find a major of interest]

Camilla: It’s been a week and I haven’t set eyes or heard from the annoying neighbor Rowan.

[Someone pulled the door handle and opened it]

Rowan: Hi, babe!

Camilla: You weren’t taught how to knock?

Rowan: I thought I could come in without knocking…we’re friends…

Camilla: Next time, knock! What if I would change at this moment?

Rowan: Well you’re not. You should have locked the door. Besides… with such boobies, you have nothing to be ashamed of…

Camilla: That’s not the point… forget it. Where have you been? It’s been a whole week…
Rowan: Ooh! It’s a long story.

Camilla: I have all day. Spill!

Rowan: After lunch! I went to pick up a takeout I ordered. There I met a girl who works as a designer at Google. I told her I was studying here and all that.

Camilla: Stop. Are you a freshman? You have to make me believe because I strongly doubt that you are.

Rowan: Why do say that?

Camilla: You know everything and everyone here. I just don’t think you’re a freshman.

Rowan: This is because I came here earlier before the resumption day. Precisely 2 weeks before the date. And that’s where I met Professor Mitch. He showed and told me things I needed to know and go on to help every freshman I meet. There! Are you convinced?

Camilla: That’s a quote… so what about the Google girl?

Rowan: Her name is Alexia, and she is from Peru. She’s 23yrs old and graduated from Stanford University. Alexis invited me to her home. We chatted about work and stuff. Then she received a task from work. She had to do it in 2 weeks. But I insisted on staying a little more to help her with it as it’s my field of study.
Long story short, we finished the task earlier than expected. She was paid an urgent bonus. She generously gave me $3000 for my time. It’s been quite a week but working with her was fun.

Camilla: Wow… you’re a workaholic. Way to go girl.

Rowan: You’re lucky though. On your second day, you have a guy crushing you. By the way, I spent $2000 to replace my faulty graphics design tablet. We could go shopping, that’s if you’re not too bored by my stories.

Camilla: Okay, let’s go. I doubt I’ll find something suitable due to my chest.

Rowan: Why say so!?

Camilla: Well… my breast are too big and I’m quite short. It’s hard to find a dress that would suit me.

[Rowan laughed out loud all over the dorm]

Camilla: Come on! That’s not funny.

Rowan: Sorry, but this is very funny.

Camilla: I’ve met girls who are embarrassed because they have small breasts… but this is the first time someone like you…



[Shopping Mall, Palo Alto]

[Compared to the worldwide shopping mall, the mall at Palo Alto is quite small. But there have everything such as clothes, a cinema, food court with different cafes. Rowan and Camilla decided the food court was the first. While chatting about different things, they walked up the stairs. Losing her guard, Camilla bumped into someone very tall. This situation triggered Camilla to a déjà vu]

Stranger: You again!? Aren’t you tired of knocking down everyone?

Camilla: Sorry… I just didn’t notice you coming.

Stranger: You’re becoming annoying now.

Rowan: Sorry, Wayne, we were talking and didn’t see you like she rightly said.

Wayne: That’s okay. Make sure not to hit some granny

Camilla: [Shock] You know him too?
Wayne: Actually, I have a name. Wayne! Rowan is a nice person and helpful. She directed me to my dorm when I arrived. You should learn from her and not blow your tits.

[Rowan apologized on behalf of Wayne’s manners towards Camilla and told her a thing or two to calm the furious Camilla down. Camilla explained that they’ve had an encounter here in school and he hasn’t changed a bit]


[Food court]

Rowan: What will you eat?

Camilla: A salad, I stay away from junk food to avoid gaining weight.

Rowan: Salad it is. I’ll be back.

[After 10 minutes]

Camilla: What took you so long? I’m almost starving to death! Let’s eat, please.

Rowan: Don’t choke on the food babe, eat slowly. Bon appetit

Camilla: You’re sounding just like my mom.

[Few minutes into the food, Camilla received a message on her phone. It was an unlisted number. She opens it and it read…]

…Hello, my special Lady. I’ve missed you. I’ll be waiting for you at 20.00 at the “STAKE OF LOVE” restaurant. P.S. Your deskmate.

Rowan: Who is it?

Camilla: Best guess, Mark but how did he get my number?

Rowan: We texted a few times at Alexia’s. He use to send me memes from the internet. About your number, I’m sorry, I did.

Camilla: Why didn’t you tell me?

Rowan: He kept pressuring me about it. I wanted him to give up on me. I knew you wouldn’t let him have it but again, I’m sorry. What’s the text about?

Camilla: He wants to have dinner at the Stake of Love restaurant.

Rowan: Will you go?

Camilla: Even if I wanted to, I don’t know what to wear; what if I don’t like him?

Rowan: One date does not commit you to anything. As for what to wear, I still have $1000 to waste. Now let’s go find you a dress that suits the occasion.

14: 41

[Shopping Mall after lunch]

[ Rowan plans to storm every women’s store for the perfect dress. Camilla on the other hand was not too confident about finding the best fit. After the first store, they came out with a somewhat frown. Still, Rowan was positive and wanted to explore all the women’s stores at the mall]

[After the fifth store]

Rowan: This is harder than I thought…
Camilla: That was cute but XS and S are tight in my chest, but M is too long. Shall we move on..?

Rowan: By all means

[After the eleventh store]

Rowan: Do you like the blue dress?

Camilla: It’s also tight in my chest but not much and the length, is not too bad either. If we don’t find anything close, we’ll be back here for it.

[After the last store]

Rowan: The eleventh store it is.

Camilla: Definitely.

[The search is over. The eleventh store seems to have a near-perfect dress for Camilla]

Rowan: I’ve always wanted to have bigger breasts, but now… I think I’m okay. Let’s head back to the dorm.


[Before the date with mark]

Rowan: You look great!

Camilla: Thank you.

Rowan: On the first date, it is customary to do separate checks. It’s a very expensive restaurant. I hope you have enough money although there’s not much left from the $1000 you can have it.

Camilla: Great. Thank you very much…

Rowan: I thank Mark will pay for you.

Camilla: Why?

Rowan: Mark was brought to school by a very expensive car. I bet he’s the son of a millionaire or someone influential.

Camilla: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I’ll be back before you know it. Who knows, it may be the last.

Rowan: Do well to come back. Passed midnight is not safe. So I heard.

Camilla: I bet my mom put up to watch me. You’re just like her. I can take care of myself.

Rowan: Okay. Bye.


[Steak of Love restaurant]

Camilla: I guess am early

[The hostess took Camilla to the table reserved for two by Mark. Shortly Mark came in. Complimented her dress. Mark and Camilla sent sat down at the table. A waiter came up to the table and handed out the menu. They both decided on having steaks. The waiter left with the menu]

Mark: I’m glad you came. Honestly, I thought you’ll bail on me.

Camilla: Let’s say you now have a real shot. But I still find you frivolous. You’re asking a girl out on the first day you meet her.

Mark: Are you unsure of my intentions? You were the only one in the classroom that didn’t know me.

Camilla: What do you mean?

Mark: They were 3 girls in the class besides you. Angel, Kiki, and the other one. I can’t remember her name.

Camilla: Have you had your way with and are now tired of them?

Mark: No. Why do you think of me like that? Damn! Okay, I hoped to do without this but I’ll tell you.

[Deep breath from Mark as he tells]

“… I’m from a wealthy family. Very rich. My dad is a billionaire who finds it annoying if referred to as a millionaire. Anyways, I try not to put that in front of me. As soon as anyone discovers who my father is, their attitude toward me changes. Girls become extremely nice and Guys try to be friends. That was the story of the girls in class. On the day of my arrival, my life was simple at first but the next day, someone googled my family’s name and since then, everything changed.
The information spread like a wide fire. The girl Kiki pestered me in the bathroom and the other of her friends, offered me three-some.

Camilla: I always thought guys like you would jump right in with such an offer.

Mark: I’m not like that I’m tired of it. I want a simple life. That day in the classroom, you were the only one who didn’t know me. The way you responded to me, only fueled my interest in you. So it’s simple. You’re my hope for a normal relationship.

Camilla: Are you asking me to be your girlfriend on the first day?

Mark: Something like that. I mean your very beautiful.

[The waiter interrupted the conversation as he serves them steaks. They giggle as they stare while eating. The food was great. The popularity of the restaurant was justified
..5mins after the food, Camilla was stunned by how delicious the food was but not Mark. He always eats from the best chef his whole life]

Camilla: I’ll never understand the rich…
Mark: You will when you get married to me.

Camilla: What makes you think I’ll marry you? Or do you have plans to kidnap and force me to? I will resist nevertheless.

Mark: Maybe. I can do anything for love…

Camilla: In your logic, I guess I have to love you, for you to leave me alone.

Mark: In a way, Yes!

[They continued in a series of conversations that were the last pair in the restaurant.]

[Phone rings! It was Mark’s. He took a peep at it. His father. At first, he wanted to ignore it but Camilla insisted. He excused Camilla at the table and onto the corner. He came back without a smile]

Camilla: What happened?

Mark: That’s why I never wanted to answer. He wants me home and now. He said it has to do with business. I’m sorry but I have to go. This is what I put up with. The life of a billionaire’s son.

[Mark quickly pays the bills. He walked closer to Camilla as he presses his lips and didn’t let go for a few seconds. His kiss was soft and tender. He seemed to apologize through it as he ran out to catch a taxi]


[After the date with Mark]

On the way home, Camilla decided to take a walk to the dorm. Halfway through, suddenly she heard someone sneaking up on her from behind. She turned but couldn’t see anyone. Camilla moved on but this time quicker.
After a few more steps, she saw someone come out of the bushes. It was a masked man holding a gun. Due to the darkness, he was not very visible.

Unknown gunman: Stop where you are! Get whatever you have and put them on the ground. No surprises, otherwise I’ll pull the trigger.

Camilla: Who are you and what do you want?

Unknown gunman: Seriously! I just told you… stupid! Do what I said and nobody gets hurt.

[Camilla took out everything she had with her on the ground in trembling]

Unknown gunman: Well done. Now, take off your clothes.

Camilla: Wait what! Why?

Unknown gun-man: Shut it and do what I said or I’ll do it for you.

[The Unknown gunman came closer. He grabbed Camilla by the dress and was about to rip it off her. Camilla closed her eyes because of fear and anxiety. Horrified, Camilla closed her eyes. All of a sudden, everything became quiet. Camilla heard that someone fell to the ground. She became even more afraid to open her eyes, but gradually worked up the courage. She heard a familiar voice say…

“-Don’t be afraid, everything is fine. You can open your eyes now.”

Wayne: Are you okay?

Camilla: Wayne!?

Wayne: You remembered my name. So cute.

[Camilla looked around, the maniac that attacked her was lying unconsciously on the ground underneath Wayne’s boot]

Camilla: What happened? How did you…!?

Wayne: Long story short, I knocked him out.

[Camilla in appreciation, jumped on Wayne hugging him tightly. She narrated all that happened while coming from a date until he intersected]

Camilla: Wait! How did you know I was going to be here? Have you been stalking me!?

Wayne: First, we need a hand this freak to the police. Take out your phone and make the call.

[As they wait for the police, Wayne brought out a cigarette and lit it up. Shortly the police came and took him maniac away, thanking Wayne for a job well done. The men left, leaving Camila and Wayne alone]

Wayne: Maybe yes, maybe not. Are we your returning from a date…?

Camilla: Yes…

Wayne: With a boy?

Camilla: Yes… why?

Wayne: No! You weren’t with a boy. A normal boy would walk you to the door and whoever he is, is a girl with a dick.

Camilla: Don’t say that. You know nothing about him

Wayne: As you wish. Your relationship, your problem. But next time, I won’t be there to save you.

Camilla: I thought you never liked me. What changed?

Wayne: I never said that. C’mon, let me walk you to the dorm.

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