12:50 [The morning of that day]

[Camilla slept until lunchtime because of tiredness. She slept with her clothes on from the date. She washed and cleaned herself and got ready for class. Someone knocked at her door]

Camilla: Come in

(Door opens)

Wayne: Didn’t yesterday teach you anything?

Camilla: What do you mean?

Wayne: You left the door open. What 8f some Maniac breaks in?

Camilla: My night hero will come to save me.

Wayne: Night hero!? Sounds good. I like it. Anyway, close your door. I may not be around the next time.
Camilla: I’ll think about it.

Wayne: Don’t piss me off. Just close the door next time.

Camilla: Okay. By the way, why did you come?

Wayne: To check on you.

Camilla: Have you fallen in love with me?

Wayne: Yeah, I want to ask you out on a date.

Camilla: You can’t be serious.

Wayne: Who knows? Maybe yes, May no.

Camilla: Damn! I can’t understand you with a straight face expression. Do you feel anything?

Wayne: Yes. I do feel a lot of everything like joy, sadness, and all that. The only joke is that you’ll never get it from on my face but when you get to know me, you’ll understand. Here is my number. Only call me for emergencies. I’m off to class. By the way, who did you go on a date with?

Camilla: Are you so jealous?

Wayne: Of course. Okay. I’m leaving.

14:14 [Rowan’s room]

[ Camilla head straight to Rowan and tells her all that happened on and after the date]

Rowan: Why did you walk back? It wasn’t safe at the time. You could have called for a taxi. Thank God Wayne was there in time to you were rescued. Next time take my advice.

Camilla: I will Miss. Know-it-all.

Rowan: I have an idea. Why don’t we make him a cake to appreciate him for his heroics? I can help you with that but you don’t need to mention my name though.

Camilla: I already told him to thank you and besides, a cake! That’s too much. How about making his muffins? Can you do that?

Rowan: Well… Muffins it is. I’ll take you to the student kitchen where we can bake. It’s fully stocked. You don’t need money or a pass to get in. Just look at you! You have become the center of attraction. A billionaire’s Son and Superman Wayne. Oh! Wayne is Batman.

(Student kitchen)

[Camilla is blown away by the setting. Rowan was fully prepared and began to put things in place. Suddenly, the kitchen door opens. It was Mariam, a girl from their class.]

Rowan: Hi, what are you doing here?

Mariam: Hi, long time no see. Well, thank you for helping me find the dorm at that time.

Rowan: Hey, I’m happy to help. By the way, Camilla this is Mariam; Mariam, Camilla.

Camilla: Hello. Nice to see you.

Mariam: What major are you into?

Camilla: I haven’t decided yet. What about you?

Mariam: Sound design. We make sounds for ads, videos, and other apps. Most of us are musicians, though not the most gifted. What are you girls up to?

Rowan: We’re making muffins for Camilla’s boyfriend.

Camilla: He’s not my boyfriend! I’m only making a thank-you muffin for him.

Rowan: After having the muffins, he’ll ask you to out. Mariam, what’s your story here?

Mariam: My boyfriend asked me to fry chicken wings. Very spicy and very many. So I guess I’ll be here for a long time.

Rowan: A foodie for a boyfriend. Cute. Good luck with that.

[Both parties were done with their purpose. Mariam decided to share her wings in return for getting a muffin. When she did, she suggested that they added a bit of cranberry jam to it. They bought the idea and so they did]


[Camilla took the muffins out to Wayne’s room but when she got there, his door was locked. Rowan was in the hallway and saw Camilla standing at Wayne’s door. She when walked up close to her, she began teasing her, handing her a condom and saying you never what will go down. Camilla got disgusted by her joke and asked her to let her be. Rowan laughed and went her way]

Wayne: What are you doing spying on my keyhole?

Camilla: I wasn’t. I was only checking if you were in. I brought you something to say thank you.

Wayne: Do you want to come in? I won’t bite.

Camilla: Okay. Thanks. Here you go.

Wayne: What’s the init?

Camilla: It’s meant to be a surprise idiot.

Wayne: Thank you. It sure smells good. You must have paid a fortune for this.

Camilla: Uhmm… I made it.

Wayne: You’re funny. So how does it taste? Sugar-free, Sweet, or what?

Camilla: I didn’t taste it but am sure you’ll like it.

Wayne: That’s suspicious. Take a bite right now. Just to be sure you didn’t serve me a poison muffin or black magic love potion. Do it now.

Camilla: You’re crazy. I never knew the tough and fearless Wayne can be so scared of homemade muffins. Not so tough after all.

[Camilla took a bite and then gave the rest to Wayne. While having a regular conversation about the various majors and all, Camilla smelled a strange but familiar scent in his room. Sniffing around, she realizes the smell was coming from him]

Camilla: What do you smell like?

Wayne: What do you mean?

Camilla: It’s familiar. I just want to be sure.
Wayne: It’s the smell of sexuality. Do you like it? Remember it.

Camilla: Are you an idiot? This is the smell of something spicy. The smell of chicken wings.

Wayne: Oh! Yeah. I ate them today.

Camilla: Did your girlfriend cook them for you?

Wayne: I don’t have a girlfriend.

Camilla: You don’t have to lie to me. I bet she’s sweet, loving, and caring. Awwnnnn!

[Wayne tried to convince Camilla. She left in amusement as Wayne walked Camilla to her room.]

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