[In the classroom]

[Camilla arrived first and in a few minutes, Mark came in. Mark sat down at the same desk with Camilla]

Mark: Did you miss me?

Camilla: Maybe a little.

Mark: I didn’t hear from you after our date. I thought you were mad at me.

Camilla: Mad? Why?

Mark: For obvious reasons. I didn’t walk you to the dorm.

[In the course of conversing, Camilla never opened up about the maniac attack on that night. The door opens and 2 students entered. It was Mariam and Wayne as they both sat side by side. Wayne sat closer to Camilla from the left while Mark was on her right. The girls started chatting about the previous day in the kitchen. Camilla took a long stare at Wayne as in, is this her? Your girlfriend? But Wayne gave no expression on his face]

Mariam: Wayne is my boyfriend. We go way back so it’s not new. He always thinks of himself as being single. Haha! He’s complicated like that. He’s sweet when you get to know him as a person.

[Mariam wanted to ask Camilla about who she gave the muffins but she was cut short by the opening of the door by Professor Mitch]

(2 hours later)

Mitch: And that’s it. Thanks for your thirst for knowledge.

[ Mariam quickly jumped on Wayne and kissed him on the cheek and then heads out. Wayne finds it annoying by the expression on his face. Everyone left the class gradually, leaving Mark and Camilla alone]

Mark: Can I be honest?

Camilla: What’s wrong? Are you okay?

Mark: Yeah! I’m fine. Just that, I like you and I’ve been thinking of you since the date and at home with my parents. I must say, I’ve never been this distracted about someone and it’s a good thing for me. And this is lead me to ask you if… Well… I don’t want us to stop seeing each other. You get me!

Camilla: You’re scrambling with your words here.

Mark: I’m sorry. Okay. I know it’s only been a few weeks since to know you but something inside of me tells me that you’re the one for me. I feel it. Camilla… I want you to be my girlfriend.

Camilla: Wow… for real?

Mark: Although many people think that being my girlfriend is heaven because of my background. It’s not all that. I’m not asking for an immediate response. There’ll be lots of challenges on the way but whatever happens, I promise, I will love you to the end.

Camilla: We only had one date. I have to think it over…

Mark: Sure. I want your decision to be deliberate.

[During the end of their conversation, Mark gave Camilla a heads up about a particular challenge between him and his father Diego, over an arranged marriage after his degree. Mr. Diego made an agreement with his billionaire friend Gustavo over the marriage of their children Kyla and Mark, to strengthen their friendship.]

[After listening to Mark, Camilla was exhausted mentally and asked for something cold to drink. Mark took her to the food court to get a soda and then back to her dorm]


[Camilla woke up feeling energized and full of excitement. She called Mark to know if it was okay to come over before class. He agreed.]

[Camilla got to his room. Knock! Knock!! Camilla was stunned at how big and furnished his room is. Mark welcomed them and serve her waffles and blueberries. Mark on the other hand was full of excitement seeing her]

Camilla: I didn’t expect a billionaire’s son to have cooking skills, since he eats from the best chef since birth. It was delicious by the way.

Mark: I had to attend culinary lessons when I was a lot younger. It’s good to know I still have it in me. Thank you by the way. It’s an honor to serve you. But, do you mind me asking, why have you come over? Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to see you.

Camilla: It’s just wanted to see you. But…

Mark: What is it?

Camilla: I haven’t been totally honest with you.

Mark: What do you mean?

[Camilla narrated all that happened the night after their date]

Camilla: I didn’t tell you because I don’t want you to blame yourself. You had an emergency and you attended to it.

Mark: What! You could have died because I was selfish to attend to the need of my father. I wouldn’t forgive myself if it had happened but thank goodness you were rescued. Wait… I get it now! That’s why Wayne has been calling me a “girl with a dick”. I didn’t understand it until now.

Camilla: I’m sorry. I’ll talk to Wayne. I promise, no secrets.

Mark: Promise?

Camilla: Promise Babe.

Mark: Okay. Wait… what! You called me babe. Does that mean what I think it is?

Camilla: What are you thinking? Haha! We’re running late for class. See you around.

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