[Same day at Mark’s room]

Mark: I will not marry you. Stop following me. You can’t keep up with this.

Kyla: You behaved like this in England too. And then you couldn’t get off me…

Mark: I was a 15yrs old. Don’t be proud of it.

Kyla: I don’t care about all your excuses. Why are you behaving like this? You’re hurting my feelings.

[Argument continued. A knock at the door.]

Mark: I have a guest. Kyla, you need to leave. Come in!

Camilla: Uhmm… I’ll come back later. I see you’ve got a visitor.

Mark: Oh! No… She was already leaving.

Kyla: Is this the girl you traded for me?

Mark: Don’t put on a show. Just leave already.

Kyla: See you. Mark!

[ Kyla left the room as she slams the door behind her]

Mark: Sorry for the show. You remember the arranged marriage I told you about. Well… that’s Kyla, my father’s friend’s daughter.

Camilla: You can just call her your bride.

Mark: Don’t… she’ll never be my bride. That will never happen. Enough with Kyla and her madness, let’s talk about you. How are you?

Camilla: Well… I’m okay. I’m just feeling tired and need to lie down.

[Camilla sat on the sofa, resting her neck with her eyes closed. Mark lifts her to stand and wrapped his left arm around Camilla’s waist. He gently brushed his right hand over her face. Make took her neck with the same hand and gently, but at the same time passionately kissing her]

Mark: You’re beautiful. I’m really happy you came.

[Mark pushed Camilla onto the sofa and continued kissing slowly, he began to go lower and lower…]

Camilla: Wait…

Mark: Is there something wrong?

Camilla: Don’t you think it’s too early for this?

Mark: Oh! Yeah… Sorry I won’t go that far.

[Back in their previous position, they started kissing again, only this time, Mark’s kisses were more greedy]

(1 hour passed)

[Mark lay his back on the sofa and Camilla on Mark’s chest as they hugged and talked about endless possibilities of their future together]

Mark: Stay with me tonight. It feels lonely in this room most of the time. Will you? Please…

Camilla: Sure babe.

[They both passed the night at Marks till the morning]


[In the morning Mark’s room]

[Sleeping Mark lay in bed hugging Camilla till the morning. Because of Mark’s hand, Camilla could not move. Gently removing his hand, Camilla got out of bed. While Mark slept, Camilla went to wash.

[Hearing the sound of water in the bathroom, Mark woke up, got out of bed, and did a little exercise]

Mark: Gosh! I haven’t slept that well for a year. We fell asleep in our clothes.

[Camilla came out of the bathroom]

Camilla: Mark! Good morning. I didn’t want to wake you so I sneaked to refresh myself. I have to hurry back to my room.

Mark: Let’s grab breakfast first. I won’t take no for an answer
Camilla: Alright. Let’s go.


[The lounge room]

[Mark and Camilla got to the lounge room. They had scrambled eggs. Mark was excused to get soft drinks for two. A girl walked down to their table. Mariam it was.]

Mariam: Hi there! Haven’t seen you in a while.

Camilla: Yeah. Been busy with stuff.

Mariam: Are you and Mark a thing now? I noticed how clinging he is around you.

Camilla: Well… Yes. It was recent. I like him though.

Mariam: Wow. I think you two are a match.

Camilla: How is Wayne?

Mariam: He’s fine. Do you know Wayne and I have known each other since 5th grade? By the way, did he like the muffins for Mark?

Camilla: Uhmm… Yeah, we did. And he liked it.
Mariam: Awwnnnn! So cute. Well, I’ve met a lot of guys in my life. I can easily say that most of them are scum. There are guys like Wayne but one in a million. I’m so happy he’s mine. Oops! Your boyfriend is coming… Don’t want to bother you any more. Bye, Camilla.

[Mariam got up and left the table. Mark returned with the drinks]

Mark: Who was that? I swear I saw someone leave here.

Camilla: Yeah you did. That was my friend, Mariam.

(10 minutes)

Camilla: Breakfast was delicious. The food is so good here.

Mark: Well, the university is spending tons of money for a reason besides quality education.

[He got up from the table and walked over to Camilla. Lifting her a little from her chair, Mark pulled her to himself. After a greedy kiss, Mark didn’t want to let her go. Boys and girls looked at them with envy. Camilla got shy but not Mark]

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