Hello! My name is Camilla, I’m 22. I work for the largest IT company “Wolfsbane”.

Just a few years ago, I was a regular student. I tried very hard to enter a super fancy university “Wellman’s University” as the name suggests, is founded by Wellman.

By the way, that’s where I’m working now. Well then! With great effort, I entered the university. Only 100 people a year from all over America can enter it. My parents were very proud of me! I was so happy! But most of all I’m glad I made many friends there.

The years at the University were the brightest of my life. And most importantly, I met HIM… of course, everything wasn’t as rosy as you would imagine. Besides all the happiness, there were many difficulties, obstacle… it’s hard for me to remember about ‘em…

3 years ago

[Elderly Man] You shouldn’t communicate with my son. For your own good. Get out of his life. Otherwise, I’ll give you hell.

[Another Conversation between two girls in the shadows of the night]
“…You and I are friends, but..

…He is all I have!

…I won’t give him to you! I’ll do whatever it takes!

A lot happened. And now I’ll tell you my story. Right from the beginning. How it all started. Stay with me till the very end…

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