• We don’t see you
  • You are not giving value
  • No Irresistible offer

We Don’t See You
Visibility equals to sales , if no one sees your products or your services that you’re offering, there is no way they can buy from you that is why you need to target being visible to your audience and not just any audience to you specific targeted market audience that will buy your products Very very important.

You Are Not Giving Value
People buy perceived value, they weigh you and your products or your services based on what they perceive that you have to offer so if you are not giving any value in the sense that your products or services are not providing any solution to your audience, they might likely not buy from you, so you have to Profer solutions, give value and in turn, people would want to pay for that product or service you have to offer which equates to sales

No Irresistible Offer
When marketing your products or services to people you need to have an irresistible offer ..you need to have an offer that people would not easily pass by. That is why your offer has to profer solution to what’s ever it is that they are facing or whatever challenge that they may be struggling with at the moment that way it’s very hard for them to just skip your products, but when your product or service is not having an irresistible offer it will be very hard for people to even buy from you so always try to target your products or services to have an irresistible offer that no one can skip or pass by!

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