• Invest in your marketing
  • Good branding
  • Have a competitive advantage

Invest in your Marketing
Many small businesses find it very hard to invest in their marketing forgetting that marketing is the sole of any business ..people need to see you to be able to buy from you and the only way they can see you is when you market your products, so marketing is very very crucial and essential if you want to scale up as a small business owner . Utilize different marketing options both off-line and online.

Good Branding
Good branding is very essential especially if you’re a small business this is because people rate you based on how they perceive you, their perception of your brand is what makes them want to associate with your brand . let’s say for example you claim to be a luxury brand your business outlook has to depict Luxury people need to see that your brand is actually as it is being portrayed , that is why you need to take your branding seriously from your product packaging to your page outlook to everything that has to do with your brand has to depict Luxury so that when someone stumbles on your business page immediately they can have this rest of mind to want to associate with you, so branding is an important factor to look into if you want to scale up as a business

Have A Competitive Advantage
To scale up as a business you need to have a competitive advantage against your other competitors in the same line of business with you , find out what is that thing you can add to your business to make it stand out so that when people are comparing brands if your business comes to mind, they would choose you, or to choose to associate with you, or to buy from you than the other Brand that is what it’s called competitive advantage let’s say, for example we are both selling milk you can ask yourself “What can I add to my milk that will make people prefer my milk than the other brand’s milk? You can decide to add a flavor to yours and call it vanilla milk or chocolate milk or strawberry milk just something that will make it stand out . so this will make the focus to shift from what is already obtainable in the market to your own brand and that way your business can scale up with time as more people resonate with your brand

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