-Get a Target Audience

: before starting a business you need to first of all define your target audience . who are the people that you are going to be selling to? who are the people that is going to want your services? when you identify these people then you would know how to create a strategy that can attract this people to convert them to your potential customers that will end up buying from you. Identifying your target audience would also help you to be able to tailor your  services or  your products to meet the needs of your audience for example if you’re selling men shoes your target audience will be male obviously or folks in a relationship that my want to buy your items for  their male partners you cannot target babies or pregnant women  because this people are not your target audience ,so identifying your target audience is very crucial It will help you to also narrow down your niche and to be able to provide better quality service

-Give Valuable content 

When you have identified your target audience  you start creating contents that will add value to your audience. People are naturally attracted to things that add value to them so if your product seems to add value to them or solve their individual problem then your business will attract sales and in turn grow


When starting a business you need to have a long-term mindset , having a long-term mindset would help you to be able to nurture and grow your business to become a successful one , you do not start a business and expect it to grow overnight it’s not magic it doesn’t happen that way .. you need to nuture it , grow it over time  before it can become established and this takes a level of consistency . you need to be consistent in dishing out  value and in solving problems tailored to the needs of your audience . So consistency is key in low times and in peak periods be consistent that is the only way to grow a sustainable business and a successful one at that

-Be Visible

We need to see you , we need to like you and be able to trust you enough to buy from you. If we don’t know you, if we don’t see you, how then do we buy from you?  that is where visibility comes in! you need to be seen your business needs to be visible especially to your target audience to be able to generate sales in whatever business you do visibility  is a key aspects to growing a  business if you don’t have visibility you can grow your business

-Be Customer Centric

One thing is to acquire customers another thing is to nurture these customers to keep them coming back . most businesses forget the importance of customer service , having the customers at heart , being customer centric . Most businesses are just after acquiring customers and they do not pay attention to how they can take care of these customers they have acquired  to be able to satisfy their needs and to keep them locked for years . so to grow a sustainable business you need to take your customer service very important , nurture your customers and satisfy their needs. Consistently follow up with them so they can continue buying from you or continue  using your services this is very very important. You can come up with loyalty packages bonuses gifts items to appreciate this customers that have used your products or patronized your business. Always be available to answer to their enquires and questions and find prompt solution to their requests . This will keep them locked to you and also talk about your business to their friends and family and in such a situation your business is gaining  the visibility that it needs and that’s how you grow your business

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