To start any business you need capital funding which equates to money ,there is no how you want to start a business with no funds .money is a very essential aspects of starting a business, Money is needed in the purchase of raw materials and necessary equipment and tools that you will need to start ,  run and grow your  business , so if you are considering starting a business you need to have set aside capital funding for that business this funding will cut across funds to purchase raw materials if you’re into production of physical goods, marketing funds, branding funds etc. Money is number one on the list to have before thinking of starting a business .


Starting a business requires time so you need to bring out enough time to devote to your business. you need time to nuture your business, you need time to manage your business, you need time to analyze your growth in your business ..in fact running a business successfully requires up to 90% of your time especially when you are just starting out in that business . The beginning stages of the business actually consumes much more time than the later part of the business because at this beginning point you’re trying to structure your business you’re trying to put things in place to ensure that the business runs smoothly,  you are at the phase where by you have to bring all your creative and innovative ideas  to the travel to scale up the business and all of this requires time. So if you are thinking that’s once you start a business now the next minute boom!!! it’s all successful I’m sorry to burst your bubble you are still dreaming ..you need to devote time to your business in order to get the results that you need.


Passion is one key ingredients in starting and running a business .passion is what we will drive you to be determined to make your business a successful one .  passion is what will help you to go through the hurdles and persevere no matter the downtime you face in your business. So when starting a business you need to ask yourself “am I passionate about this business I’m about to start?,  is it something I love to do?” passion simply means loving what you do so if you don’t love the business that you are about to start then don’t start at all because in this business journey  you’re going to experience a lots of ups and down ..running a business is not a bed of roses  only love for what you do would enable you to persevere and be determined to make the business work and make it successful . So passion is very essential when you want to start any business at all


When starting any business you need to highlights your goals and  by goals I mean what do you stand to achieve what do you stand to gain what is the purpose of starting that business in the first place this would serve as a guide or a map throughout your course of running that business because at the end of the day you have to go back to your map  to see if you’re actually ticking of the boxes and meeting your set goals and targets! Your goals could be you want to have a brand that has your name attached to it or  it  could be you want to make a particular amount of money from it .. it could  be anything ,so you need to sit down and think “what do I want to achieve by starting this business “ highlight them and  act according to apply them  when you are when you are setting up your business so it  can align with your set goals and aid you in achieving them

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